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CORFUMEDICA performs PCR tests and antigen tests. Results are given, in English in pdf format in your email. Our tests are valid for travel and have all the information required in English. Tests can be performed in 3 of our clinics. Please see addresses below for each one of our clinics:

Gouvia clinic:
Kassiopi clinic:
CORFUMEDICA Day Care Clinic, located in Corfu Town:
For day clinic : Please keep in mind to come straight at the 3rd floor, CORFUMEDICA is located in the 3rd floor not in the entrance of the building.

PCR: €47 per person results in 24hours *
Antigen-Rapid : €10 per person results in few hours *

Our company has the ability for faster results, PCR in 3 hours max, and testing outside our working hours with extra charge
* Price of test is different if there is group testing or the test is performed in your Accommodation

If you would like
a) group prices ( more that 6 people testing in the same place at the same time )
b) accommodation visit with extra charge
c) fast results PCR in 3 hours max with extra charge
d) an appointment outside our working hours with extra charge
please send us an email at [email protected]

24/7 accident and emergency on-site response medical team. 24 hour emergency numbers: +30 2661 034580 +30 6978 337804

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