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Medical Services

Our Medical Services

CorfuMedica provides high quality medical care for pathological and emergency cases requiring diagnostic tests and therapeutic intervention and also health services in various medical fields such as general surgery, orthopaedics, gynaecology, plastic surgery, vascular surgery, etc. by a highly trained and experienced medical and nursing personnel.
24/7 Health Service

Our medical nursing and administrative personnel is on call 24/7 ready to serve your health care needs in our facilities or to your accommodation.

CorfuMedica Health departments

Our main medical departments are the surgery, pathology and internal medicine unit of Day Care, providing all the necessary medical care. The company operates a network of clinics (3 exclusive outpatient clinics, a medical center, a medical imaging and diagnostic center, a department of Magnetic Tomography, and a Day clinic) in Corfu town and the most popular areas of the island. Fast access to a Medical Specialist is also available if needed.

Foreign medical department

The company provides the best treatment according to the needs of the patient. A Foreign Patients Department is also available and ready to help the patients with all the information in need and the bureaucracy concerning the necessary documents etc.

Medical Tourism

CorfuMedica coordinates your care, and evaluate your individual need, whether you require routine or high-risk care. In the event of a medical need or an emergency you can immediately come to our facility or if you prefer not to travel to our facilities, we also offer access to our doctors via house calls that cover the most popular tourist resorts in the island of Corfu (Corfu Town, Gouvia, Dassia, Kassiopi, Acharavi, Roda, Sidari etc). Furthermore, our multi lingual medical and nursing personnel will also provide the best care to any patient’s accommodation on demand.

Secondary Healthcare

The highly trained and experienced personnel of CorfuMedica supports also incidents that require secondary healthcare, guiding the patients according to the seriousness of the situation either to the public Hospital or to a private clinic.

24/7 fully functional ambulance service
Cooperation with a large network of insurances worldwide

24/7 accident and emergency on-site response medical team. 24 hour emergency numbers: +30 2661 034580 +30 6978 337804

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