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Acute Dermatological Conditions

Acute dermatological conditions refer to skin issues that appear suddenly and often require immediate attention. If you experience sudden skin changes or severe symptoms, seeking timely medical care is crucial for effective management and recovery.

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Acute Dermatological Conditions

With Corfu's beautiful beaches and sunny weather, sunburns are a common concern for our guests. Our dermatologists can provide relief for sunburns with soothing treatments and recommendations for proper sun protection to prevent further damage.

Whether from cooking mishaps, hot surfaces, or other accidents, burns can cause significant discomfort and require prompt attention. Our dermatology team can assess burn injuries, provide appropriate wound care, and offer guidance on optimal healing.

Allergic reactions to insect bites, plants, or skincare products can result in itching, redness, swelling, and other symptoms. Our dermatologists are skilled in identifying allergens, prescribing medications to alleviate symptoms, and recommending strategies to prevent future reactions.

Wide range of services.

At CorfuMedica, our dermatology department offers a wide range of services to address both acute and non-acute skin conditions, ensuring that our guests receive the highest quality care for their dermatological needs. Whether it's a minor irritation or a more serious skin condition, our experienced dermatologists are here to provide personalized treatment and support.

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