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Common Neurological Conditions

At CorfuMedica, we are committed to providing expert care for a wide range of common neurological conditions. Our team of experienced neurologists, supported by advanced diagnostic technology and a multidisciplinary approach, ensures that patients receive personalized and effective treatment.

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Acute Ophthalmological Conditions 

Our neurologists specialize in the diagnosis and management of headaches and migraines, offering personalized treatment plans that may include lifestyle modifications, preventive medications, acute therapies, or botulinum toxin injections to reduce frequency and severity of episodes.

From children to adults, our specialists provide comprehensive care for epilepsy, conducting thorough evaluations, EEG monitoring, and advanced imaging studies to tailor treatment plans with antiepileptic medications, ketogenic diet therapy, or surgical interventions for refractory cases, aiming to achieve seizure control and improve quality of life.

Our neurology team offers rapid assessment and management of stroke patients, utilizing advanced imaging techniques and stroke protocols to determine eligibility for thrombolytic therapy (tPA) or endovascular interventions, as well as providing comprehensive rehabilitation and secondary prevention strategies to optimize recovery and prevent recurrent events.

Whether it's diabetic neuropathy, autoimmune neuropathies, or other forms of peripheral neuropathy, our specialists offer personalized treatment plans that may include medications for pain management, physical therapy, nerve blocks, or lifestyle modifications to alleviate symptoms and improve nerve function.

(Parkinson's Disease, Essential Tremor) Our neurologists are experienced in managing movement disorders such as Parkinson's disease and essential tremor, offering tailored treatment regimens with dopaminergic medications, deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery, or botulinum toxin injections to minimize motor symptoms and enhance quality of life.

Our multidisciplinary team provides comprehensive care for patients with multiple sclerosis, offering disease-modifying therapies, symptom management strategies, and rehabilitation services to optimize functional status, minimize relapses, and slow disease progression.

From myasthenia gravis to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), our neurology specialists offer expert evaluation and management of neuromuscular disorders, providing treatment options such as immunosuppressive therapy, plasma exchange, or supportive care interventions to improve muscle strength and function.

Our neurologists conduct thorough evaluations for dementia and cognitive disorders, offering diagnostic assessments, cognitive testing, and personalized management plans that may include medications, cognitive rehabilitation, or lifestyle modifications to enhance cognitive function and quality of life.

Whether it's meningitis, encephalitis, or other neurological infections, our specialists offer prompt diagnosis and treatment interventions with antimicrobial agents, supportive care measures, and rehabilitation services to manage acute symptoms and prevent long-term complications.

Our neurology team provides expert care for patients with traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, or peripheral nerve injuries, offering multidisciplinary treatment approaches with surgical interventions, neurorehabilitation, and pain management strategies to optimize recovery and functional outcomes.

Improved quality of life.

At CorfuMedica, we are committed to delivering compassionate, evidence-based care for individuals with neurological conditions, helping them achieve optimal neurological health and improved quality of life.

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